1. Talk to Me

From the recording Home

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Written by Faith J. Marks

Horn arrangement by John Isley


Form your words, using A to Z
Put it together and please talk to me
Keep it simple if you need to
Open your heart and please talk to me
How can we truly love each other if we don’t use any words?
I just wanna know you better
But you’ve gotta tell me first

Talk to me
I love you baby, won’t you
Talk to me
I know you’re feeling something
I can see in your eyes
Talk to me
I need you baby, won’t you
Talk to me
And say just what you mean
You know I can’t read your mind

Say what you want but I don’t believe
That you don’t feel anything
Take a minute, stop and think
When you’re finished please talk to me
I know this is all new to you, I’m just asking you to try
Love is better when you’re honest
But you’ve gotta let me inside


A one-sided conversation isn’t really a conversation at all
When I reach out and you don’t catch me it feels like
You’re just letting me fall

(Chorus 2x)