1. Wide Asleep

From the recording Home

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Written by Faith J. Marks


Seems that I can keep myself
Busy all day
Go to work, I do my job
I run, I clean, I play
Walk the dog and stuff my face while
Staring at a screen
Functioning the safest way
Awake but wide asleep

Wide asleep I’m hiding from everybody
Most of all from You
Every time I try to come out of it
I fall right back into
Though I don’t wanna be
I’m awake but wide asleep

Seems that I can’t bring myself
To slow this crazy pace
When did living life become
A competition race?
Outta breath and going nowhere
Trying not to dream
There must be a better way than
Awake but wide asleep


Why can’t I turn off my brain when I want to?
Stuck overthinking if there’s nothing to do
Lord, please help me
To stop and just be

(Chorus 2x)