From the recording Home

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Written by Faith J. Marks


She’s never known she’s beautiful and simply wants to hide
Pretending that the words they say can’t get to the inside
She has lost her will to live and hurts herself to try to end it
Broken by a world that she’s never understood

No, I can’t explain the suffering I couldn’t tell you why
The heartache and the misery we are given in this life
But we live in a fallen, broken world
We’re all looking for a miracle and fighting to get by
Filling up on emptiness when we really need you by our side

He’s fighting for her life the only way that he knows how
Spending all his time and money, but she hates him now
He’s never one to take defeat but helpless underneath the weight
Of pain and guilt and emptiness; angry at a God he’s never met


But maybe why is not the answer, maybe it is Who
You are love and You are mercy, You are Spirit, Hope and Truth
So help us to cling to You and remember
This world is not our home
We are not alone